Can I get a refund for my national pension insurance premiums ?

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Can I get a refund for my national pension insurance premiums ?

Not long ago , I received a call from Mr. C (F-4, overseas Korean ) , a Chinese citizen . It has been 10 years since he came to Korea and worked , and he heard from a person around him that ‘ After 10 years of signing up for the National Pension, you can receive a lump sum refund of the National Pension insurance premiums you have paid. ’ I asked him if this was true. . However, this is not true . How do you know ?

Foreigners residing in Korea must subscribe to the National Pension on an equal basis with Korean citizens . In other words, if a foreigner between the ages of 18 and 60 works at a workplace subscribed to the national pension , he or she becomes an employer - based subscriber. Otherwise, he or she becomes a local subscriber . However, there are some people who are excluded from membership as shown below .

- Trainees ( trainees are eligible for subscription ), international students , diplomats, etc. are excluded from mandatory national pension subscription by law.

- Citizens of countries that do not require Korean citizens to join a pension system similar to the national pension.

(ex. Nepal , Myanmar , Bangladesh , Pakistan , Cambodia, etc. )

* The above Cambodia has been changed to mandatory application for business registration from March 29, 2023. However, regional subscription is excluded.

- When a worker dispatched to Korea from a country that has concluded a social security agreement with Korea submits a certificate of membership from the home country.

(ex. Mongolia , China . * Uzbekistan E-9 workers are exempt from subscription without submitting a certificate of membership )

Meanwhile, foreigners also receive the same old-age pension as Koreans ( requirements : subscription period of 10 years or more & 60-65 years or older - applied differently depending on year of birth & not engaging in income-earning activities ), survivors ' pension ( requirements : check here ), If you meet the requirements to receive a disability pension ( requirements : check here ) , you can receive a ‘ pension paid monthly . ’

However, many foreigners return to their home country before they reach the age to receive old-age pension . At this time, you can apply for a ‘ lump sum refund ,  but not everyone can receive it .

In other words , you must be a foreign subscriber in a country where a social security agreement or reciprocity on lump sum refund payment applies ( a total of 46 countries , check here ) . A lump sum refund is not paid to foreign subscribers from other countries .

However, foreign subscribers with E-8 ( training employment )/E-9 ( non-professional employment )/H-2 ( visiting employment status of residence can receive a ‘ lump sum refund ’ upon returning to their home country, regardless of nationality .

For more detailed information, please call the National Pension Service Center ( ☎ 1355) . Foreign language guidance is also available in some languages, so please use it .

☎ 063-713-7103 ( English )

☎ 02-2176-9967 ( China ), 9968 ( Indonesia ), 9969 ( Mongolia ), 9970 ( Thailand )

☎ 031-365-3086 ( Uzbekistan & Russia ), 031-365-3087 ( Philippines )

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