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Can I get a reduction in fines for violating the Immigration Control Act ?

Last summer , I received a request from the local police station to provide counseling for Mr. M , a marriage immigrant . The police, who received reports of children wandering the streets at the time , confirmed that it was an unfortunate incident that occurred when Mr. M left his part-time job in a rural area for a while to relieve his hardships , and that the household was in need of emergency support due to the poor sanitary environment at home. The message was that Mr. M was requesting help in relation to staying without permission to extend the period of stay after December 2021 .

After meeting with Ms. M for counseling , I found out that after losing her husband in 2017, she had been raising her children alone due to psychological trauma and hardships, and had not been able to take care of her own residence issues . Accordingly, I recommended that he apply for an extension permit and exemption from fines right now and asked him to obtain some basic certificates, but Mr. M , who was in a state of depression and lethargy , seemed to find even that too difficult, so he kept putting it off and even cut off contact .

Mr. M , who recently returned to the center, fortunately appeared to be mentally stable . Afterwards, he quickly applied for permission to extend his period of stay and exemption from fines , and fortunately, with the active cooperation of the competent immigration office, he was able to receive full exemption from fines and extend his period of stay .

I will tell you two things through this example .

  1. You should not neglect the period of stay.

The penalties for exceeding the period of stay are very severe . Please be careful .

Violation period

Charge amount

Violation period

Charge amount

less than 1 month

2 million won

More than 2 years but less than 3 years

15 million won

More than 1 month ~ Less than 3 months

3 million won

More than 3 years but less than 5 years

20 million won

More than 3 months ~ less than 6 months

4 million won

More than 5 years but less than 7 years

25 million won

More than 6 months to less than 1 year

7 million won

7 years or more

30 million won

More than 1 year ~ Less than 2 years

10 million won

  1. If there are unavoidable circumstances,you may receive a ‘ reduction or exemption ’ .

The Immigration Control Act leaves open the way for reduction or exemption by taking into account the violator's age and environment , motivation and consequences of the violation , ability to pay fines , number of violations, etc. ( Article 86 of the Enforcement Rules of the Immigration Control Act ). We would like to inform you that if there are unavoidable circumstances, you need to actively explain .

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