National pension lump sum refund , can I still claim it ?

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[National pension lump sum refund , can I still claim it ?]

Recently, Mr. T in the Philippines requested a phone consultation . Mr. T , who entered the country on an E-9 visa in 2010 , visited his home country for vacation in 2013 and gave up on returning to Korea after his father suddenly passed away . However, not long ago, he heard from an acquaintance that ' you can get back the national pension you paid while working in Korea, ' and if that is true, he asked for help to get it back now .

Unfortunately, the deadline for claiming the national pension lump sum refund is 5 years from the date the right to receive it arose . Therefore, we explained that Mr. T 's right to receive benefits has already expired .

However , in the future , if Mr. T is eligible to receive the old-age pension ( subscription period of more than 10 years & over 60-65 years old - applied differently depending on year of birth & not engaging in income-earning activities ) , he can receive pension, including the amount that has already expired. If Mr. has the opportunity to come to Korea and go directly to the National Pension Service to request a lump sum refund, we have informed him that there is a possibility of receiving it on a humanitarian level ( as a result of inquiries made to the National Pension Service ) .

Like Mr. T , there are likely to be quite a few foreign residents who were unable to apply for the national pension lump sum refund due to sudden circumstances and missed the claim deadline upon their return . In relation to this case , please refer to the brief instructions on how to claim the national pension lump sum refund and the claim deadline .

In short , subscribers in ' countries eligible for lump sum refund ( total of 47 countries as of April 2023 )' and subscribers in 'E-8, E-9, H-2' can claim national pension lump sum refund before returning to their home country , and if it is returned , If you returned home without being able to claim the lump sum, you can also claim it through mail or a domestic agent .

Claim before departure Incheon Airport pickup )

Claim after departure submit by mail )

1. Visit the National Pension Service in person and submit documents

Passport , alien registration card , bankbook copy , airline ticket

copy , Lump sum return claim form , airport payment claim form

2. On the day of departure, contact the National Pension Service Incheon Airport Counseling Center.

Submit receipt

3. After passing through immigration control, pick up the money at Woori Bank’s currency exchange office. 

- Invoice + Overseas remittance application form

( Notarization from home country & Korean embassy consular confirmation or Apostille issuance & Translation notarization when written in a language other than Korean )

- passport copy

- Copy of bankbook or transaction statement in your name

Agent billing is not recommended ! 

And , again , the deadline for claiming a lump sum refund is 5 years from the date the entitlement arose .

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