Foreign dependents also have to stay for 6 months ?

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Foreign dependents also have to stay for months ?

Not long ago, the wife of Mr. K , an E-7-4 ( skilled worker ) resident , entered the country with an F-3 ( accompanied ) visa . Mr. K , an employee of health insurance, visited the Corporation to register his wife as a dependent. I requested consultation, saying I was rejected on the grounds that “ foreigners must stay in Korea for more than 6 months to obtain dependent status . ”

Perhaps they misunderstood the promotion plan announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on February 28th [ Strengthening eligibility requirements for foreign dependents, etc .: ( Currently ) Applying health insurance immediately upon entry → ( Improvement ) Applying health insurance after six months of stay ] as an immediate implementation measure. . Accordingly , we contacted the person in charge and informed them that the announcement is still in the planning stage and that even if the law is revised in the future , it will be promoted so that ' spouse and minor children can acquire qualifications immediately after entering the country as they are now . ' Afterwards , Mr. K 's My wife has acquired dependent status .

We often receive inquiries related to the above case , so we will briefly provide you with the relevant information .

First, a dependent is a person who mainly depends on health insurance < employee subscriber > for their livelihood [ Applicable subjects : spouse , lineal ascendant ( including spouse's lineal ascendant ), lineal descendant ( including spouse's lineal descendant ) , and their spouse , siblings ( age 65) This refers to a person whose income and assets meet certain standards ( income : KRW 20 million or less , assets : KRW 540 million or less , etc. ) .

If you become a dependent of an employed subscriber, you do not pay separate health insurance premiums , and the health insurance premium of an employed subscriber does not increase just because you have a dependent .

These benefits also apply to foreign dependents . In other words, if you register as an alien immediately after entering the country and register yourself as a dependent of an employed subscriber, you can immediately receive health insurance benefits without paying insurance premiums .

However, as there are some cases of people entering the country for the purpose of using this system , the government is pursuing a plan to strengthen the requirements so that foreign dependents can also be registered after a six -month stay period . However , we plan to maintain the ability for spouses and minor children to obtain qualifications immediately after entering the country .

<Reference> Documents to be submitted when reporting foreign dependent qualification acquisition 

- Alien registration card or domestic residence report card

- Family relationship documents issued by the home country’s government and confirmed by the home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( or Apostille ) & Korean translation notarized

Meanwhile , 2019.7.16. From now on, if you are a foreigner who is not an employee subscriber (& dependent ) and stays for more than 6 months , you will be automatically enrolled in health insurance as < local subscriber > . However, those with status of stay A ( diplomatic ), B ( tourist ), C ( short-term ), and G1 ( other ) are excluded , and among G1, G-1-6 ( humanitarian stay permit holders ), G-1-12 ( humanitarian stay permit holder family members) ) can only sign up . However, for study abroad (D-2), general training, elementary, middle and high school (D-4-3), non-professional employment (E-9), permanent residence (F-5), and marriage immigration (F-6) , immediately upon entry (& alien registration ) You can sign up .

At this time, because it is difficult for foreign local subscribers to determine their assets and income in their home country, the average insurance premium ( KRW 143,840 as of 2023 ) is applied and is charged on an individual basis . However, if your spouse or children under the age of 19 live in the same place of residence , you can submit the above documents confirming your family relationship and apply for ‘ household joint residence . ’ In that case , we would like to inform you that everyone except the head of the household will be exempt from insurance premiums .

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