What is long-term care insurance premium ? Do I have to pay it ?

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What is long-term care insurance premium ?  Do I have to pay it ?

- E-9, H-2, D-3 employee subscribers do not need to sign up for long-term care insurance -

I recently received counseling from Mr. S, a migrant worker (E-9) . If you look at your pay stub, you will see that a monthly deduction is made under the category “ Long-term care insurance premium . ” I asked what this was and whether I had to pay it .

The long-term care insurance system is a social insurance system that provides services such as physical activity and household activity support to people who have difficulty performing daily activities on their own due to old age or geriatric diseases . The long-term care insurance premium is 12.81% of the health insurance premium ( as of 2023 ) , and all health insurance subscribers are long-term care insurance subscribers .

However , foreign workers with a residence status of E-9 ( non-professional employment ), H-2 ( visiting employment ), or D-3 ( technical training ) must pay insurance premiums through Application for exclusion from long-term care insurance for foreign workers > . They informed us that it was not necessary to do so .

Regarding the above case, we will provide more detailed information on ‘ Application for exclusion from long-term care insurance for foreign workers ’ . If you apply to be excluded from long-term care insurance , you will only have to pay health insurance premiums .

■ Eligible for application

Among foreign workers with employer-based insurance, those with E-9, H-2, or D-3 residency status

* Foreigners with employment status other than those listed above , and local subscribers are not eligible to apply.

* When changing to a residence status other than the above , you must apply for re-enrollment in long-term care insurance .

How to apply

1) Complete Application for exclusion from long-term care insurance for foreign workers > and submit to the employer.

 * Attach a copy of your alien registration card

2) The user submits the application form and a copy of the alien registration card to the competent National Health Insurance Corporation ( fax, etc. )

< Attachment > Application for exclusion from long-term care insurance for foreign workers

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