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Can I continue to use my prepaid phone number after re-entering the country ?

I recently received a phone consultation from Mr. M , a foreign worker . Mr. M , who is about to leave the country ( completely ) in March , asked, ‘ I am planning to re-enter the country under special re-entry provisions ( honest worker ) , and I asked if I could continue to use the phone number of the prepaid phone I had been using even after re-entering the country . ’

Unfortunately, this is not possible . 2021.4.1. In order to prevent criminal abuse of cannon phones ( mobile phones owned by different owners and actual users ) , a measure is being implemented to cancel or suspend the mobile phones of foreigners leaving the country immediately after leaving the country . Therefore, Mr. M was informed that he had no choice but to open a new mobile phone number after re-entering the country .

Most foreigners cannot purchase a mobile phone on installments, so they must purchase it in a lump sum . As a result, many people either bring their old cell phone from their home country or buy a used phone .

Meanwhile, people with an alien registration card can choose to use a prepaid phone or a postpaid plan ( immediately suspended when the period of stay expires ) , but short-term stay foreigners or foreign residents with less than 60 days remaining until the expiration date of stay based on the date of application , Unregistered residents, etc. must use prepaid phones .

⃰ Short-term foreigners can open a prepaid phone using their passport information without an alien registration card.Because mobile phone identity authentication service

 There are restrictions on use .

In addition , foreign residents who plan to completely leave the country while using a postpaid plan must bring a copy of their alien registration card or passport to the relevant telecommunication company branch or agency, pay the fee in full, and then apply for cancellation . If you leave the country without paying the fee, you may face great difficulties when trying to re-enter Korea in the future or when trying to open a cell phone upon entering the country .

Please also note the following regarding cell phone activation !

- It is safer to visit a branch of a mobile carrier (SKT, KT, LG, Budget Phone, etc. ) to activate the service .

- Do not transfer or sell your used SIM chip to another person .

- Do not borrow or lend your name to others .

- Be careful of free phone scams ( “ If you sign up for an OO plan, your phone will be free ” , etc. ) on SNS ( Facebook , Instagram, etc. ) .

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